Dried Blood Cell Analysis

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Dried Blood Cell Analysis (DBCA), is a tool used to help identify what is occurring in the body on a cellular level. It provides the practitioner a view of the body’s primary stresses or areas of weakness. The procedure is easily preformed in office by collecting a couple droplets of blood from either the finger or ear lobe. The blood is then let to dry on a slide and then observed under a microscope.


As the red blood cells dry, they form a picture of what is going on in the body.

It does not diagnose disease, however, it does provide great information about what is going on inside the body. A few examples of what can be observed are seen below.

Dr Della Parker Dried Blood Cell Analysis Gut Dysbiosis   Dr Della Parker Dried Blood Cell Analysis Liver Congestion
Gut Dysbiosis (above)   Liver Congestion (above)
Dr Della Parker Dried Blood Cell Analysis Inflammation   Dr Della Parker Dried Blood Cell Analysis Adrenal Fatigue
Inflammation (above)   Adrenal Fatigue (above)


Dried blood cell analysis is an awesome tool. It can be performed regularly to monitor the patient’s progress and response to treatments. It is amazing to see the appearance of the blood improve right along with a patient’s symptoms!

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