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3 Smart Alternatives to Your Favorite Indulgences

Posted by     on January 29, 2018

Dr Della Parker_3 Smart Alternatives to Your Favorite Indulgences

For many Portlanders, starting the year right may have meant making lifestyle changes that included a change in their eating habits. Lifestyle changes are challenging, and when they involve the foods you eat often, indulgences like fast food and sugary beverages, they can be terrifically hard to follow through with. We love what we love, and it can feel impossible to let go of the things we love, even when they pose an immediate threat to our health. We get it, we really do, and while occasional indulgences are obligatory, we think these healthy swaps can help kick at least a few cravings to the curb.

Swap potato chips for veggies in hummus or a handful of almonds. Potato chips are full of sugar and hydrogenated oils. If you need that crunch, trust me, you are going to be much better off with one of these options.

Swap milk chocolate for dark. Dark chocolate is a well-established superfood, and while the bitter flavor can be an acquired taste, it may be worth your time to acquire it. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, flavonols, and antioxidants and has even been shown to boost heart and brain health.

Swap ice cream for sorbet. Sorbet itself is still an indulgence, but it’s an indulgence that doesn’t contain inflammatory dairy and is still sweet and tasty.

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